1 out of 5 UK households rely only on electricity

Roughly 20% of homes in the UK are entirely dependent on electricity. That constitutes around 5,000,000 households. Solar panels have become very popular in recent years and these PV panels allow people to switch to electricity entirely. This allows people to make impressive savings on their monthly expenses.

Demand has soared for PV panels thanks to subsidies and decreased prices. This has helped sustain demand for electric water heaters.

That surge in popularity of photovoltaic panels has boosted sales of electric system boilers. Boilers that have become increasingly economical in terms of power consumption, due to technical advancements like a smart controller.

Energy-saving electric waterheaters

Go to our website to check out our range of economical, energy-efficient of electric water heaters. The eco water heater range is just that due to a ingenious controller and a highly insulated water tank inside. The controller reduces the electrical losses of the eco electric water heater to a minimum. By the end of August we will have a new eco range manufactured by Wesen. The 30 litre will have an energylabel A and all the other capacity electric water heaters will have energy label B!

Provide energy to your house with solar panels

With life getting more and more expensive be clever and have solar panels installed. These panels will provide power to heat your house and water with solar generated energy.

Here’s why you should consider solar panels

  • Reduce your monthly expenses in terms of energy

  • Become more environmentally friendly

  • Become more independent for power supply

If you have solar panels in place then head to our website and buy an electric central heating boiler. In case you don’t have an electrically powered storage water heater you will find those too on our website.