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Anonymous on the Internet: A growing number of people want that!

It has only been known for a few years how much data is all extracted the moment you use certain websites and apps. As a result, the European Union, for example, is putting all kinds of measures in place to ensure that users are becoming more and more protected. As a result, the demand for more anonymity is starting to grow. This is partly because on apps like X – the former Twitter – but also on Instagram, the idea of doing away with complete anonymity is increasingly being floated. For example, there is the idea of creating an account through your passport. This is to ensure that people no longer run around threatening politicians, for example. For many people this is just a step too far, they therefore turn to anonymous communities such as Telegram, for example.

Incognito tab

Within a few clicks, basically everyone is already anonymous. This is because Google – as well as all other browsers – offer the option of an incognito screen. Through this way of surfing the Internet, you do not use your Google account, for example. In that area, you are therefore completely anonymous. Still, your data are recorded, such as your search history but also which browser you are using on the website. But should you accept cookies, they have no further “consequences”. This is simply because they are not connected to anything, because you are on the Internet via the incognito screen without having an account. This is an easy way to visit things discreetly.


Around 2021, it began to emerge in Western Europe; the use of Telegram. This messaging application – similar to WhatsApp, for example – is very popular with users mainly because of its privacy. In fact, Telegram uses End-to-End encryption. This means that only the sender and the recipient can read the message, for the rest, no one at all gets access to the sent information. Because of this, it provides an incredibly great sense of security. In fact, sharing personal information is an incredibly nasty thing to do without the guarantee of complete privacy. Adding to this is the fact that you can use a full pseudonym as your name. In principle, the same can be done on X, for example, although there you will have to use an e-mail address or phone number. So it is incredibly easy to send an anonymous text to your friends, as well as family or new acquaintances!