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Benefits of a shower drain

It is one of the most important elements of a modern-day bathroom, but is often underappreciated. The shower drain is essential in a shower, allowing for the water to drain and thus giving a pleasant experience. A clogged drain, or an ill-designed one, can be a huge source of problems. But not only the proper functioning of the drain is important, it also needs to be stylish and fit in with the bathroom. An ugly drain is a sight for sore eyes and stands out negatively in the room, whereas a beautiful drain but blends in perfectly.

Linear shower drain

As said, the most important functionality of a shower drain is the actual draining of water. In order to achieve this a huge surface area is beneficial, allowing a lot of water to flow through quickly. A stylish and popular option is the linear shower drain. This is a long, thin drain, that is often placed alongside a wall. All the water flows in the direction of the linear shower drain and is quickly drained. This is a stylish way of integrating the drain with the floor, so the drain is not an obstacle in the bathroom.

Perfect styling

Besides the popular option of linear shower drains, it also possible to choose from different kinds of shower drains. With the wide range of available drains you can always find the shower drain that fits your style and theme. There are even some design award winning shower drains available, that truly make a bathroom shine. So no matter how your bathroom is organized, or what style it is in, with the right drain you can always finish it perfectly. And with the right drain you do not have to worry about water that is incorrectly drained or water that is pooling up.