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Binancebot.io presents Ways You Can Automate Your Cryptocurrency Trading

There are a number of online forex brokers that provide automated trading accounts that allow users to do business by setting specific instructions, such as indicators and safeguards on the basis of which they join or exit a trade. By automating the process of trading the customer will no longer need to intervene.

Automated trading reduces many of the challenges and inconveniences that traders frequently face. One of the most useful features of automated trading is back checking which can be applied to historical market data trading rules to see what result a strategy would have had in the past.

As of now, there are 1,185 (and counting) different digital assets on the crypto-currency market, 5,901 exchanges and a market capitalization that reaches almost $170 billion. Many have recognized these fantastic cryptocurrencies features that could contribute to lucrative trading opportunities.

Exchange APIs

You can code your technique to trade cryptocurrencies directly into the API of an exchange for those of you who have some programming expertise, so you don’t miss out on sudden price shifts. This obviously implies you should have a platform account and some advanced programming in certain programming languages like Python.

Trading bots

A trading bot is a software program that takes data from financial exchanges (often using API’s to access and interpret relevant information) and allows the trader’s place to buy or sell orders based on how it interprets market data.

The bots do those trades by monitoring the price movement of the market and responding on the basis of a collection of predefined andpre-programmed instructions. A trading bot can usually analyze market behavior, such as quantity, orders, price, and time, though they may be customized to behave according to the specific strategy of a trader.

Advantages of automated trading

Whether or not traders want to admit this, emotions play an important role in what decision they make in their company. By leaving the equation with emotions like greed, anger, fear and stress, trading bots stick to their programmed strategy and help you reduce losses. Not to mention that you end up keeping your own sanity.

One of the most obvious advantages of using a crypto trading bot is that it can run 24/7/365. Since crypto exchanges are always available, this significantly increases the profit generating ability. However, most trading bots allow you to customize and execute your strategies through multiple trading pairs.

This will enable you to get more time and execute your entry / exit points with more efficiency than you would by trading manually by using the crypto trading bot. You can make orders at a higher speed without needing to be continuously logged in across multiple accounts, resulting in greater benefit for each and every transaction.


Automated cryptocurrency trading will help traders ensure that they communicate with the market at all times, even when they are not physically present. We will help eliminate some of the pressures and emotions that are frequently found in any financial trading industry, not least the cryptocurrency market. Trading bots, however, are not for everyone and not everyone wants one.

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