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Buying the Right Birdhouse

Tips when buying the Right Birdhouse

There are many birdhouses that are being sold that are unsuitable for birds. Some are made of materials that can be harmful to birds. Then some do not attract birds or the type of bird you want.

The birdhouse should be made of proper materials. This would consist of non-toxic materials so as not to harm the birds if ingested. This would include the wood or plywood not being pressure treated.

Next, the house should have drainage and ventilation holes to prevent drowning and / or overheating of the babies. If the birdhouse doesn’t have these holes but meets all other requirements, you can easily accomplish this. You would need to drill holes if the house will allow it.

Third, the birdhouse should have the proper dimensions for the bird you are trying to attract. Different birds have different requirements. So make sure to know the inside area of birdhouse, the entrance ole size and the height of the hole from the floor of the house. These are important in attracting the right birds to your backyard.

Fourth, the birdhouse should have easy access for cleaning and monitoring of the nest. So make sure that one side is hinged or lifts out. Birdhouses that do not easily open to monitor or clean out nests would not be considered a good buy at any price. Birdhouses should be monitored on a weekly basis after being put up. There could be problems with parasites or predators. This is why you need to buy a birdhouse that you can easily clean and monitor.

The beauty and design of birdhouses

When considering a birdhouse, structural stability should be considered before beauty and design. Housing birds is a great responsibility and they are not just there to beautify your yard.  The perfect birdhouse should have the perfect place in one’s yard. If one doesn’t have the right spot it will go unused. Thus, one must prepare the environment for the house.

Differences in birdhouses

Some birds are bound not to like a birdhouse since they can be particular about where they will live. If all aspects have been considered for the perfect birdhouse, you might have to consider moving the location of the house. Having one’s yard as safe and attractive for the type of bird you are looking for will eventually result in those birds coming to temporarily nest in your birdhouse.

Most birds will not nest near other nests of the same species. A birdhouse should be for a single nest. Unless you are just decorating your garden or yard, you should not buy birdhouses built for multiple birds. The only exception would be if you wanted to attract Purple Martins. To complete your garden, you cal look at garden decorations as well. Make your garden your own now


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