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“Conspiracy” – Smart Review of Ryan Holiday’s Bestseller

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What determines our future destiny? In fact, only one small, seemingly ordinary event can serve as a prerequisite for very serious consequences and public outcry.

In 2007, the notorious publishing house Gawker published an article exposing the sexual orientation of Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, billionaire and author of the world bestseller Zero to One. It would seem, what’s wrong with that? Gawker is such a 100% “yellow” publication in the West, which just got its fame due to the fact that it published various provocative materials about celebrities. However, Peter Thiel was very offended by this article, because before that, he at all costs tried not to take information about his personal life into the public field.

What retaliatory measures did the billionaire take? No one knows, he kept all his plans secret until 2012. This year, Gawker released a video from wrestling star Hulk Hogan’s home video archive. Hulk Hogan did not remain silent and filed a lawsuit against the publication for interference with his private life. In 2016, the wrestler won the case and will now receive $ 140 million from Gawker. Such large payments not only bankrupted the publication, but also served as an impetus for new lawsuits from people whose reputation has also suffered.

It would seem, what is the connection with Peter Thiel? It turns out he financially helped Hulk Hogan to conduct a legal case against Gawker. Thus, he wanted to punish the publication. Now it turns out that Thiel is helping other plaintiffs, in any case, this is indicated by the fact that the cases are handled by the same lawyer. As Thiel himself admits: “This is simply one of the most important philanthropic initiatives I have participated in.”

What is indicative of this story? First, a small event can trigger a huge explosion. Second, many Gawker supporters argue that now every billionaire or well-connected person can keep a tight grip on publications by preventing them from publishing conflicting information. Thirdly, it is the incredible impact the Internet has on our lives. Indeed, in fact, just one article in a more or less large edition can destroy a person’s life and reputation.

And fourth, to understand what really happened between Gawker, Thiel and Hogan. To understand what incredible games people can play. We recommend reading Ryan Holiday’s new book Conspiracy. Hulk Hogan, Gawker, Peter Thiel and the Anatomy of Intrigue. The book was released at the end of February this year and has already become a bestseller on Amazon, has won the sympathy of critics and readers. As Ryan Holiday himself wrote on his social networks, all paper copies of the book were sold out on the first day of the start of sales.

As readers note, Holiday’s new book is more than just a retelling of a noisy case. This is an extensive study on the possibilities of modern power and media. This is a logical continuation of the world bestseller “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Green. And for this alone, the book is worth reading. 

Ryan Holiday is an internationally renowned marketer, author of the bestselling books Obstacle as a Path, Ego Is Your Enemy, and Everlasting Salesman.

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