Electric water heaters, competitively priced and speedy delivery

Competitively priced electric water heaters at wholesale prices

At waterheaterstore.co.uk you can buy a reliable electric water heater. You’ve found the website for a competitively priced water heater of superior quality. We offer electric water heaters at wholesale prices.  

Electric water heater and safety

Because an electric water heater does not run on gas it does not emit carbon dioxide and is therefore very safe. There is 0% chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lemet Greenline and Ecoway electric water heaters are suitable for houses, farms, offices, warehouses and other industrial buildings. Smaller capacity water heaters units can be used in caravan, rv’s, boats or holiday cottages. The smallest sizes in water heaters are the Lemet Greenline 5 litre and the Lemet Greenline 10 litre model.  

Wesen electric water heater are also suitable to install in your house, farm, office, warehouse, sports club or industrial building. Smallest size available for Wesen is the 30 litre electric water heater.

EU Manufactured

waterheaterstore.co.uk only sells EU manufactured electric water heaters. These CE marked water heaters are of high quality. Each water heater comes with a free of charge safety relief valve and a wall-mounting bracket. For your guarantee to remain valid you are obliged to use the supplied bar safety relief valve or a Kiwa approved safety relief valve. Make sure the latter has the operating pressure.

We aim for speedy delivery with our forwarding agent. It usually takes 2 to 3 working days for a delivery to arrive. For consumers we also offer delivery on Saturday.

Advantages of our electric water heater;

  • www.waterheaterstore.co.uk offers competetively priced and high quality electric water heaters;

  • Low maintenance;

  • Compact, and easy-to-install;

  • High electric heater power;

  • Order online 24 /7;

  • No carbon monoxide emission;

  • No oxygen consumption;