Fill in US tax returns when you live in Netherlands

Witlox International Tax Advice is happy to help you with your tax returns. Do you need help? When you are living in the Netherlands as a US expat, you might be aware of the fact that you are required to fill out your US tax returns in the Netherlands. There are several things that you need to take under consideration while doing this. For instance, are you working for an American company, or are you employed at a Dutch firm? Witlox International Tax Advice is a Netherlands based company that assists expats with their tax returns. In many cases a properly filled out tax return results in a higher nett salary for you as an employee. Care to know more? Contact Witlox International Tax Advice and find out how what services are applicable to your situation.

US tax returns as a foreign employee working in the Netherlands

Are you familiar with US tax advice by Witlox International Tax Advice? If not, it might be interested to get receive more information. Working in the Netherlands is a great opportunity that you did not want to miss! Working in the heart of continental Europe, in one of the most sophisticated countries in the world is too tempting to pass up on. Except for tax returns! The Netherlands are, among other things, known for high taxes, especially for higher incomes. Does this mean that you will be losing money as an American? Not exactly. As a US citizen you are still obliged to fill out your tax returns for the American government, even though you are neither working nor living stateside. Witlox International Tax Advice is more than willing to help you with US tax returns in the Netherlands. Contact them today and inquire about the possibilities.

How to apply for US tax returns in the Netherlands

Filling in tax returns is always required. Do you know how to? When working as an expat in the Netherlands you might have noticed that several things are done differently here as opposed to the United States. Income taxes for instance, are very different in the Netherlands. Did you know that even though you are neither living nor working in the USA, you are still required to file tax returns? And did you know that you can also apply for US tax returns when working as an expat in the Netherlands? Well, you can! Because this can be quite complicated, a professional company called Witlox International Tax Advice can help you fill out the tax return properly.