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Get more sales on your webshop

Running an online store is one thing. A successful website is quite another thing. Web shops are growing like mushrooms these days. It is therefore important that you really do everything you can to make your webshop a success. Do you want more sales on your webshop? Then it is useful to first look at what the problem is.

Not enough visitors

With only a few visitors, there is little chance that there will be a buyer. You could take as an indication that the conversion is 3 percent. In other words: 3 out of 100 visitors become customers. If you know what an average customer purchases, you also know how many visitors you need. Don’t have enough visitors? Then you have to do something with your visibility. There are several methods to get more visitors. Better product texts, good category texts, link building, advertising.

Few buyers on the webshop: user research

If you have few buyers on the webshop, it is important to find out why they do not buy. You can find out, for example, with user research. With user research you can see where visitors are lagging behind. That means leaving the webshop. You can also see that sometimes a webshop visitor gets stuck with a form.

User Centered Design Guide

A user centered design guide ensures that you get a good design for your webshop. A good design is extremely important, because as you notice: a form that visitors drop off on can have bad consequences for your sales process. And, of course, especially if the ordering process turns out to be incorrect. You will immediately lose customers.

Assortment and prices

Sometimes something else is going on. If you have enough visitors, with the right interest, and also good user-friendliness? Then there is a chance that, for example, your range is not appealing or that the prices are not good. It can be too expensive, but also too cheap.



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