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Phenomenal Things To See in Iceland You Cannot Miss in 2020

The 103,000 sq km country is home to some of the earths most fascinating natural phenomena’s. For this reason many avid travelers have Iceland as a must on their lists of dream destinations. Lovingly dubbed the land of ice and fire, Iceland is home to magnificent glaciers and waterfalls but also vast lava fields and over 100 volcanoes. This quaint country is the most sparsely populated in Europe and it’s people are known to be friendly and hospitable.


The Ring Road connects all Iceland’s major towns, making driving one of the best ones to see the country at your own pace. For the safest road conditions, you’ll probably want to travel during the summer months though. In Iceland, make sure to drive on the right and stay on the road. You can get a pretty hefty fine for driving off road and damaging the environment as a result. There are roads which the Iceland rent a car companies may restrict you from going, these are clearly marked. And depending on your plans you’re probably best asking your Iceland car rental services for a car with four wheel drive. But no matter how you choose to get around you’ll be surely have one of the best trips of your life.


If you’re getting ready for a trip to this amazing place you should be sure not to miss these epic things to do in Iceland:

Experience Icelands inspiring Nature

From ice caves to glacial lagoons, Iceland has no shortage of jaw dropping natural wonders. If you’re into waterfalls, this country is definitely a top place to visit. Here, you can even see frozen waterfalls from January through February. The best waterfalls to visit are said to be Gullfoss Falls and Skógafoss Falls, but they’re truly all majestic. You can also go rafting, kayaking and snorkeling in this picturesque place. Walk on the glaciers at Skaftafell and treat yourself to a trip to the blue lagoon after all your adventures. The geothermal spa is world famous and rich in minerals that are rejuvenating to the skin. No matter what you choose to do you will not be disappointed.

See the Northern Lights

While the Aurora Borealis could fall under the above category, it really deserves a special mention. Undoubtedly one of the most popular Iceland tourist attractions. Now, it is not guaranteed that you’ll see the lights on your trip but Iceland is one of the countries in which it’s a possibility. The best time to see this bright phenomena is in the month from September to mid-April, at around midnight. But if the weather permits, and you’re lucky enough, you may just see them. You’ll get the best views from Thingvellir and Threngsli but if the lights are gracing the night’s sky you’ll be able to see them from almost anywhere.

See Iceland’s Wonderful Wildlife

With such a diverse and protected landscape, it’s only natural that some pretty awesome creatures call Iceland their home. You can visit some of Iceland’s 4 million puffins in one the largest colonies of its kind on the Látrabjarg Cliffs. Ride one of Iceland’s 80 thousand horses on ancient trails. And if you’re visiting between April the September you can go whale watching in Húsavík. There is two companies in Húsavík that offer whale watching Gentle Giants and North Sailing. They can offer whale watching, puffin watching, sea angling and other tours.