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Photographer Scotland

Dutch photographer in Scotland

The Dutch photography company STUDIOVHF is going through some exiting changes. Founding photographer Vincent Hartman is moving to Scotland where he joined a leading commercial interiors company as Marketing Manager. Part of his tasks will be the interior photography of finished projects and corporate photography for the purpose of general marketing communication.

For him photography will now be a part-time occupation or even a hobby like so many other photographers. The Dutch studio will be run now solely by His niece Iris Hartman and Thomas Feickens and will relocate to a brand new building in the next village. Photographer Vincent Hartman is meanwhile looking for a suitable property in Scotland with outbuildings or planning permission for an extension to rebuild his studio. The studio is needed for product photography of office furniture, interior design products and general portrait photography.

Interior photographer Scotland

In the home country, STUDIOVHF is known for the interior photography of leading projects from architects, design and build companies and suppliers of the construction industry. Iris and Thomas will now take care for this side of the business. Vincent will take care of the interior photography for Scotland’s leading interiors company Amos Beech as well as the product photography for the office furniture brand Samuel Bruce. In addition to this STUDIOVHF will create images for Incognito Heat Co, a scottish based underfloor heating company that has been supplying and installing underfloor heating systems in Scotland and the North of England for over 10 years. The photographer will locate his new photo studio near Falkirk in central Scotland between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Portrait photographer Scotland

No doubt, Vincent will continue to create portraits of the people he meets when he is living in Scotland. He hasn’t done anything else anyway since he picked up his first camera back in the early nineties.

With a bit of luck the STUDIOVHF website will now also start showing free work.

Watch this space!