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Problem solving strategies

 Tip: To start brainstorming, consider the problem you solved in the problem statement and how to achieve your goals and key results. Then, discuss possible strategies for implementing OKR-now is the time to think extensively. Once you have brainstormed and listed potential solutions, put them in a solution tree, which is a structured way of organizing goals and how to achieve them (your strategy). Start by writing down your goals, such as “increasing sales.” Create a branch from this goal and list the different solutions you think of, such as “increase sales of our existing products” and “start selling new products.” From each of these solutions, create branches that detail strategies that might help. For “increase the sales of our existing products”, the strategy can be “attract new customers in specific regions” and “expand to new regions.” 


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Selling a used van is not always easy. The question is usually limited, what is the value of your company car?

We answer your questions about the value of your van and give you the sales price within 24 hours.

Calculate current value of company car

Most sites will only give you the current market value of the company car. We go one step further. With our appraisals you immediately know what your van is really worth and you can sell it immediately for that price.

The current value only represents the value of your van. We determine the value based on the condition of the car!

Evaluate company cars after self-assessment

The value of a company car can be determined through our online self-assessment. Here we ask you for detailed information about your car and how it is used, including some clear pictures.

Based on the information you provide, we are not obliged to determine the guaranteed sales price.

A no-obligation quote based on the current value of your company car

You are not obliged to accept an offer, our service is free and without obligation.

Do you accept our offer? We then guarantee a hassle-free sale, arrange the cancellation and refund of the used van and transfer the money to your bank account the same day. All you need to do is book a return flight in our branch.

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