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Purpose of enema cleaning

Purpose of enema cleaning

What is the Purpose of enema cleaning? An enema may be prescribed by a doctor for a variety of reasons. However, the most common reason is that people suffer from constipation. This often also gives cramps or stitches in the abdomen and that is a very unpleasant feeling. Usually an enema works within a minute. You should therefore always be near a toilet, because it often comes out in one go. Some people have been constipated for so long that they spend an hour on the toilet before everything is gone. 

You can also get an enema for an intestinal disease or bacteria. This is one of the most common diseases in the world that is easily treated with an enema. Finally, you also have enemas that are used for examinations. These usually have a processing time of 15 minutes. For example, they can make a good scan or photo of the intestines, but it can also be used for cleaning the intestines.

Look out!

Long-term use of an enema can cause various side effects. So only do this in consultation with the doctor and not on your own initiative. You can become very dependent on it, just like with smoking and drinking. Purely for the feeling that an enema gives you. It can also cause water intoxication where the body actually contains too much water. Especially people with epilepsy should be careful with this, because it can cause extra seizures. It is also not good for the intestines to use it for a long time. It is a powerful means with which the intestines are cleaned. If they are not dirty or hold something it can damage the intestinal wall and in rare cases you will need surgery. It can also weaken the intestines, so that you get the urge more often and do not have to defecate at all.


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