Save money by fitting an ECO boiler

People are looking for ways to save money with the energy becoming more and more expensive. An electric ECO boiler is a low-energy product that consumes significantly less energy. By consuming less energy you help sustain the planet.

An ECO water heater is typified by its high insulation value helping retain its heat for longer than a normal electric water heater. It is also fitted with an intelligent controller that reduces electrical leakage using the power more efficiently. Go to our webpage for our entire selection of eco boilers.

We have three brands on our website that manufacture eco water heaters; Ariston, Lemet and Wesen.

Ariston has on major discerning features: 

  • The self programming ECO EVO feature along with the smart thermostat you greatly reduce your energy usage. 

Lemet produces the ECOWAY that has two distinctive features:

  • The ECO + Mode follows the amount of hot water you use daily over the course of two weeks and then sets a program accordingly. You will have hot water available at the right time in the precise amount. This makes the energy consumption of your electric water heater more efficient.   

  • The ECO function reduces power loss significantly 

Wesen has two energy-friendly ranges; the Inox Flat and Silver Flat. Here are the two discerning features Wesen has:

  • The ECO controller. A smart thermostat that precisely sets and periodically monitors the temperature. It switches on the heating elements only when required to retain its set temperature. This way the electric water heater uses power only when it requires to.

  • Perfect heat retainment with the ultimate PUR foam insulation. This also minimizes power consumption and allows you to economize.

In the summer Wesen will present a new serie of electric boilers. The enamel steel water heater with smart controller is highly energy-efficient and has a B label energy class. It is a very attractive, double tanked unit with a very slim design.

Please have a look at our productpage for eco-friendly, energy-efficient electric water heaters.