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The future or sports starts with SportMonks APIs

With the emergence of online sports platforms – ranging from betting websites to fantasy games – sports how we know it is changing. More than ever are we able to interact with real-life statistics and odds, live scores and standings. More and more businesses therefore seek their success in online sports platforms. However, in order to create value for your users, you need reliable and accurate sports data. SportMonks is one of the key players in developing sports APIs that allow online sports platforms to generate real-time and historical data as a foundation for their business. 

Football, cricket and Formula 1 

SportMonks specializes in data feeds for football, cricket and Formula 1. As one of the major players in the field of sports APIs, SportMonks delivers reliable and accurate APIs against affordable rates. Rather than focusing on just one aspect of the discipline, the company covers all data you could ever need to make your platform into a success. Real-time live scores, season schedules, statistics, odds, standings, lineups, predictions and more. Moreover, they provide worldwide coverage. Scaling up your business therefore is not dependent on the range of your API – instead, you’re able to expand your scope wherever and whenever.

Flexibility is key 

The SportMonks APIs are fully flexible, allowing you to only receive and use the data you need. Customize your data feeds and save time and energy on cleaning out surplus data. In addition, SportMonks offers so-called ‘plans’ that enable you to only pay for the data you need. Choose a limited plan, granting you access to a handful of leagues, or go worldwide and access data from more than 12,000 football leagues, more than 108 cricket leagues or a full F1 season. Whatever data you need, there’s a plan that fits. 

You can always choose to test the waters by starting a free 14-day trial. Choose your sport and explore the benefits of the SportMonks APIs through active usage and integration. 

An all-purpose solution 

Whether you want to develop fantasy games, live score websites, odds portals, iGaming apps or any other online platform – the sports APIs by SportMonks make it possible. In order to provide your users with the best possible quality and experience, you need reliable and quick data. That’s where the SportMonks APIs make all the difference. The live scores, standings, statistics and more are permanently updated for your platform to be as reliable and relevant as possible. 

Given the affordable rates of the different SportMonks plans, you’re able to invest your money not only in data but also in the look and feel of your website or app. This will undoubtedly add to your users’ experience and increase the value of your sports platform. 

Choose your plan and get started 

Are you at the brink of starting your own online sports platform yet do you keep running into data issues? With the SportMonks sports APIs you’ll be guaranteed access to accurate and qualitative data founding the success of your business. So shape the future of sports and start your plan today.