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The latest Music trends

Nowadays, producers will not often record a sound all by themselves. There are more and more producers who use samples. They will use a sample that has already been recorded by someone else. This saves time and can provide inspiration for the course of the song. They also don’t have to worry that the original producer will sue them for royalties, because (generally) samples are royalty free. The use of samples has become very popular in hip hop, rap and R&B music. 


However, when we look back in our music history, the use of samples is not a new concept. The Beatles used samples in some of their songs, such as “Yellow Submarine.” Samples come in many different sounds and melodies. For example, you can buy animal sounds, general sounds, or instrument sounds as samples. The most common samples though are music samples. Well-known sample genres are for instance vocal or moombahton.


Benefits of sample packs

Many people say that using samples lowers the creativity of producers in a certain genre, while this does not have to be the case at all. A sample can actually promote creativity. Moreover, sampling is a very good way for beginning producers to learn how to produce. Some sounds or melodies are difficult to make. This can lead to producers dropping out at an early stage. When they start using samples, beginning producers can still create their ‘own’ song. Which may enable them to produce their own sounds at a later stage. 


Vocal samples

The vocal sample is one of the most powerful parts of the music production process. These vocal samples are what gives your song its unique voice. This allows producers to have a new sound for their new song. They can create a new voice for a new track without having to spend a lot of money on a new vocalist. Usually the tempo, key and style of the vocal does not match your rhythm. You need to manipulate the sample, so it lines up with your song. It can take your song to a new direction. Try multiple vocals using a vocal sample pack. Check out a wide range of vocal samples here and start working on your new track today.


Moombahton samples

A Moombahton sample pack is filled with the best moombahton production elements to bring the most complete ready to construction kits into your studio. The genre is a fusion between Moombah house music with reggaeton. Moombahton samples are usually chill, slow and danceable with a tropical touch. Check here for the best moombahton samples. Listen, download and complete your track with a sample.


When you want to make music, it is fascinating to look at samples. Buy some, and maybe you’ll come up with the coolest inspiration for new songs. Samples can actually boost your creativity. It is a trend to use samples. You save time, money, and you can get the coolest things out of them. The nice thing is: you can always adjust your samples to your own tempo and vibe. 

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