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Want to buy IPv4? Here is what to do

If you have internet in your home and any devices that can connect to it or need to use it to connect to other things, chances are you have an IPv4 address. An IPv4 address is a very distinct and long number that belongs to any device that connects to the internet for one purpose or the other. Any device that is connected to a network and uses the internet has its own personal IPv4 address assigned to it. There are no two IPv4 addresses that are the same. 

In 2019 it was made public that IPv4 addresses have run out. And what is what we do when something that was free has run out? We buy and sell the ones we already have and don’t use, of course. One of the biggest reasons people and companies are buying IPv4 addresses is due to too much traffic going through the network they have. For a company, this is really bad because people who want access to them use their network, and if too much traffic goes to a network, it becomes congested and the quality of the network starts mediocre.

If you need IPv4 addresses, here is what you should do.

Understand the value of IPv4s and your options

It’s no surprise that after the IPv4 addresses have finished, the demand for them went sky high and so did their value. As the years go on, the price for a single IPv4 address goes higher. It is almost impossible for an average person to try and buy IPv4 addresses in bulk. This is understood in the market, so leasing the address space is also an option to consider.

IP brokers

Another thing that you should do if acquiring one or more IPv4 addresses is the goal, is find a decent IP broker. Not all IP brokers are qualified enough to help you, so making sure the credentials are up to par is important. An IP broker can help you with all of the complicated parts of acquiring IPv4 addresses. Those complicated parts include all of the legal hoops that need to be jumped.

Do your research

This self-explanatory, but it is imperative that you do your research thoroughly before entering this market. Understand why you need IPv4 addresses and how much, which IP broker will best help you, where you are willing to buy the addresses from, and more. There are many layers, but if you find a decent IP broker many of the things you will research can be answered by them.