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What do you need an enema for?

What do you need an enema for?

By Enema kits compared you just find the right enema. An enema is in most cases used by people who suffer from constipation. These are the people who have not been able to defecate for some time and the body has to remove this of course. More than 16% of people are known to have this at one or more times in their lives. It is important that our stomach and intestines function properly and you could also see it as one of the most important organs of the body. After all, you can have severe complaints from food that is not digested. This varies from vomiting to violent stabbing in the abdomen. Often you will get an enema with a prescription or you can get one from the pharmacy for home use. It is a simple operation that does not require nursing care. We have a nurse shortage. If you are afraid of the side effects, you can always ask if one of the assistants can support you. Always make sure that you are near a toilet because you often have to use it within 1 minute. If not, opt for an enema with a lower solution so you can get to the bathroom on time.

How does an enema work?

An enema almost always works the same way. You usually have to squirt a section up your butt and make sure you are near a toilet. However, it is possible that one brand works slightly differently than another. We therefore recommend that you always read the package leaflet. Usually it has a soaking time of about a minute or less. However, there are also smaller concentrations that are usually used for more thorough cleaning. These take a maximum of 15 minutes to work in. It can be herbal based, but usually it is a saline solution.


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