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What is a vaporiser?

What is a vaporiser?

A vaporizer is increasingly used as a replacement for the cigarette. But what exactly is a vaporizer? What can you do with it and what are the advantages compared to a cigarette? Time to take a look at what a vaporizer actually is and does. Are you curious about what a vaporizer actually does? Then read on.

What is it?

A vaporiser is a device with which one inhales tobacco or thc. It works in two different ways. When someone smokes a cigarette of stick, the plant material is burned. This is not the case with a vaporiser, which only heats up the plant material.

What does it do?

There are vaporizers that heat on a hot plate and there are vaporizers that heat through hot air. This has a number of advantages. No toluene, benzene or naphthalene is released. Do you have a brand new vaporizer which works at a low temperature? Then no tar or carbon monoxide is released either. You don’t need to be a doctor to realise that vaping is therefore a less harmful way of smoking.

Even more difference than normal smoking

There is another big difference. That is the experience. Vaping does feel different to smoking. Often vaping is experienced as something clinical but also cleaner. It is true that for this reason some smokers do not like vaping.

Overall, the effect is really different. With vaping there is no loss of vapour as there is with smoking. It is also practically easier to vape a few sips. If you smoke a few sips and then have to stop, for example, because your work break is over, then you have to put the cigarette out too early. It is also inadvisable to smoke half a stump again, as this is even worse for your health.


The interesting thing about vaping is that there are different types of vapers. One vaper that is quite well-known is the airvape. Besides the airvape there are of course many other vapers. So inform yourself about what suits you best.

Airvape or not, vaping is not healthy either. So do think about that.