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3 holiday destinations with a special history

Yes, after two years of sitting at home, we all want to get out and about again, right? You have endless possibilities, so you always make a good choice. You probably did not immediately think of the following destinations, but they are certainly worth it.


When you think of Italy, you probably think of Rome or Milan in the first place. Everyone should see the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. Actually, the whole of Italy is beautiful, but we want to highlight one in particular: Naples. You may know this city from mafia movies, but Naples is more and better than that. It is located by the sea, where you can relax with a Storz-Bickel and a glass of wine. Naples is close to the volcano Vesuvius and the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. We are already on the plane…

2. Normandy

Take your time for a trip to Normandy, because it will make an indelible impression. You can make the trip along the landing beaches as long as you want, as there are many places to visit. Think of Colville-sur-mer, Etretat and Bayeux. A walk through Pointe du Hoc is also worthwhile. Do you want to walk through the history of Europe? Then you should definitely be here. On a sunny day you can always take a break with a Storz-Bickel on one of the famous beaches such as Omaha beach and Juno Beach.

3. Germany

As in France, history has also left its mark in Germany. The only dilemma is: where are you going to start your journey? Are you going back to Roman times? Then you have to think of Cologne. Are you interested in the period of the Second World War? Think of cities such as Munich and Dresden. These cities are bursting with ancient buildings and monuments. Do you especially want to get impressions of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain? In no other city can you feel the dichotomy between East and West as clearly as Berlin.