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Buy phytoplankton as a great omega 3 source for dogs

Phytoplankton is great for dogs, as it is a rich source of omega 3. This nutrient is important for dogs, because it helps support their immune system so that it functions well. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which make it beneficial for pups with skin and fur irritations and older dogs with arthritis. You might think that fish oil could do this trick just as well, but that is far from the truth. While fish oil does contain a healthy dose of omega 3, it also contains fatty acids that are harmful to pets. They can even be deadly. Phytoplankton contains just as much omega 3, but is often fresher, free of additives and free of fatty acids. That makes phytoplankton the safest option for dogs, provided you purchase the right supplement.

This phytoplankton supplement is great for dogs

If you are looking for phytoplankton for dogs, you should consider the Mr. Ros supplement. This company sells fresh phytoplankton especially for cats and dogs. The phytoplankton is so fresh, because they package it right after harvesting it from a sustainable farm in the Netherlands, where the plankton only needs sunlight to grow and thrive in the fresh water. Next to that, their product is free of additives, which means you are providing your pet with an all-natural supplement and do not need to worry whether or not it is safe to feed to your pet. Another advantage of ordering from this supplier, is that they also sell phytoplankton supplements for you yourself. So you can order phytoplankton for the whole family, pets included!

Place your order with this specialist

Are you convinced and do you want to buy a phytoplankton supplement for dogs? Order yours from Mr. Ros and benefit from excellent quality phytoplankton at a competitive price! Not only are you doing your dog a favor by buying this, you are supporting the environment as well by opting for phytoplankton instead of fish oil. It is a very sustainable source of omega 3.