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FIFA 21: Luis Suarez’s Player Moments Objectives

Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz also known as ‘El Pistolero’ is a Uruguayan striker who has played for first class teams throughout his career. His most notable ones being Ajax Amsterdam, Liverpool FC, Barcelona and Athletico Madrid where he currently plays. He has a very direct style of play, never hesitating to face the opponent’s defense head on. He has above average technical skills and has shown time and time again that he is able to score goals from any position. Unfortunately, he has a darker side and has sometimes made the headlines thanks to his more unsavory feats.

Luis Suarez Player Moments card comes as a part of the Team of the Year promo. He has 91 points overall rating with improved stats compared to his base gold card. His dribbling has gone up from 83 to 91, while his shooting, passing and pacing have respectively been boosted by 4, 6 and 9 points, reaching the impressive numbers of 94, 88 and 79 points. As you can see, Suarez is a more than decent player who make a good addition to any team. His objectives will expire on February 1, giving players a limited time to unlock this card.

Luis Suarez’s objectives and the rewards you get for completing each of them are as follow:

  •  Fabulous Finish — Score a Finesse goal in 2 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters.
    •  Reward: GOLD PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP
  •  Silky Skill — Score and Assist in the same match using a ST with min. 4-star Skill Moves in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters.
    •  Reward: 75+ RATED RARE PLAYER (Untradeable) + 300 XP
  •  Wonderful Weak Foot — Assist using players with min. 4-star Weak Foot in 3 separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters.
    •  Reward: SMALL ELECTRUM PLAYERS PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP
  •  Triumphant Ten — Win 10 matches in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters.
    •  Reward: PREMIUM GOLD PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP
  •  Scoring Sensation — Score in 14 separate matches using LaLiga players in the Live FUT Friendly: World Beaters.
    •  Reward: ELECTRUM PLAYERS PACK (Untradeable) + 300 XP

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Contributed by mezaoyabin