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Giethoorn Town Tour

Visit a picturesque town in the Netherlands that is often referred to as the Venice of the north by selecting our Giethoorn tour! Giethoorn is a charming town that is located in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park in Overijssel. Here you will get a good look at how the Dutch live surrounded by land and canals; there are hardly any roads in this quaint town! You will get the chance to see countless thatched-roof-houses that have been built on small peat islands which are connected by more than 170 wooden bridges! You will really get a unique view of the beauty the Netherlands has to offer in this area full of canals, biking and walking paths, beautiful Dutch homes, lakes, reeds, and woodlands.

Time stands still in Giethoorn

Despite the rapidly changing culture throughout the Netherlands, Giethoorn holds onto many parts of the history of our country. There continue to be high wooden bridges that allow the residents to get to their houses as well as boats through the canals below. The punt, a typical Gieterboat that is narrow and propelled with a long stick pushing off the bed of the canal by the punter, can be found in Giethoorn. Lucky for you, you can take a ride on a punt when you visit! What makes Giethoorn stand out among the many other beautiful towns in the Netherlands is that it really fulfills its name as the Dutch Venice. With very few roads and all of the activity happening right next to or on the water, this is a wonderful and worthwhile tour for you!

A Giethoorn tour with comfortable American private car

Booking this Giethoorn tour will ensure that you don’t miss a thing when visiting this unique town in the Netherlands! Together with your tour guide you will leave from your hotel in Amsterdam, or another agreed upon area, and drive a comfortable, private, American car with air conditioning to Giethoorn. The drive from Amsterdam to Giethoorn takes approximately 1.5 hours. Along the way you will have the chance to stop at the Castle of Amsterdam to take photos and try fresh cows milk at a cheese farm. 

The Giethoorn tour is designed for a maximum of 4 people (4 adults or 2 adults with 2 children). Please contact us for questions regarding a larger group or if you are in need of a child seat in the car. The day will begin with your tour guide meeting you at your hotel at 9:30am and from there you will begin your beautiful tour through the Netherlands and the town of Giethoorn. The tour will bring you back to Amsterdam and end around 4:30pm.

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