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Go on an adventure in Porto and enjoy the 3 best Porto attractions

Go on an adventure in Porto and enjoy the 3 best Porto attractions

If you are looking for an adventurous holiday destination, Porto is definitely a good choice. Here are the 3 best Porto attractions that you should not miss during your stay in Porto.

1. Ribeira

Ribeira is the historic center of Porto and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a colorful neighborhood full of narrow streets, old buildings and cozy squares. Stroll along the Douro River and admire the picturesque houses built against the hills.

2. Livraria Lello

Livraria Lello is one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world and a must-visit for book lovers. This beautiful Art Nouveau shop has an enchanting interior with wooden stairs, stained glass windows and an impressive collection of books

3. Dom Luís I Bridge

The Dom Luís I Bridge is the iconic symbol of Porto and connects the city center to Vila Nova de Gaia, home to many famous port wine cellars.

The seductive charm of Porto: Discover why this city is so loved

One of Porto attractions is its charming Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can wander through narrow cobbled streets, admire traditional houses with colorful facades and enjoy breathtaking views of the Douro River. Another reason why Porto is so loved by travelers is its role as the home of the famous port wine. The city is known for its many port cellars, where you can enjoy tastings and learn about the production process. Don’t forget to order a glass of port in one of the many cozy wine bars or restaurants.

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