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Learn to read tarot in 6 steps

You have discovered the tarot and want to learn to read tarot cards. You buy a set of tarot cards and a book. You rush through the book, because you are bursting with questions you want answers to. You shuffle the tarot cards and draw one or three cards to get an answer to your first question quickly. And then it becomes difficult.

If tarot is very new to you, you probably have trouble finding the cards in the book because you are not yet familiar with the structure of the tarot. And what about the Roman numerals? Anyway, after some searching, you will find the description for your first drawn tarot card. And that is about work! And you asked about the development in your relationship.

Or you have enthusiastically bought a thick book about Tarot and the description for your drawn tarot card is three pages long and is about anything and everything.

Most beginners have the experience that the description given does not answer the question asked. You can have the feeling that you can’t tie a rope to it. That’s how it went with me.

Structure and the common thread of the tarot

To learn how to interpret tarot cards, I borrowed piles of books from the library and bought many more. All those books made me more and more confused. Every author had his own vision and I got the thread to understand the tarot but not to catch it.

I had absolutely no intention of learning the meanings of 78 tarot cards by heart. Moreover, where did I start? With what meanings? What I needed was structure. I then came up with that structure or working method myself. This method makes getting to know the tarot cards very easy and you hardly have to learn anything by heart.

Method to learn to read the tarot

Step 1: Overseeing everything, building the Tarot

Step 2: The correct tarot book

Step 3: Get to know the tarot cards step by step

Step 4: Key words and a story

Step 5: Practice Tarot Laying

Step 6: Repeat and beyond

A tarot reading with a psychic medium

Nowadays there are many ways to get a tarot reading. For example, there are very nice free online tarot readings. It can give you guidance on any aspect of your life’s journey. If you like an even more in-depth and personal analysis of your situation, a psychic tarot reading with one of our trusted psychics might be for you. During a psychic tarot reading, they use the special power of their intuition to read all of the connected meanings behind your situation.