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Library Solutions That Really Work

Today’s Modern Library

Today libraries all over the world are changing beyond all recognition by embracing technology that would be quite at home in any large company. Solutions are developing in a symbiotic relationship between companies and libraries to allow them to cope with the different ways that libraries are utilized today. Libraries are now becoming more like a social centre.

Library Solutions

By using technology as a method of providing library solutions, a high degree of automation and self-service is possible. Technology is good at processing large amounts of data rapidly thus enabling libraries to operate efficiently. The key to the system is identity. Each resource, member of staff and library member has an electronic identification. The identity enables the system to keep track of everything that happens within the library. The system is aware of a book when it checked out with the system. Checkout does not need to be processed by a member of staff resulting in quicker service with fewer staff. Terminals can be utilized allowing members to search the system for a particular resource. The system will be able to tell the member if it in the library and where it is.


With resources, easily being stolen security has always been a problem in libraries. By adopting the technology of library solutions, it is possible to eliminate this problem. Scanning systems placed at the entrance of the library are able to monitor for any resource passing through that is not on the system for withdrawal and is then able to alert staff.

Library Solutions in the future

Once library solutions systems have been installed it is a simple process to add to amend and update them making them a reliable system that works now and will continue to be effective in the future making its installation a cost-effective essential.