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Optimal information management

In order to bridge the gap between engineering information and the information during the construction phase, there is now a tool that can help you. This makes engineering information management a lot easier.

As an engineer, you work with a lot of information and data. Not only that, but these departments also produce a lot of information about these projects. All this information needs to be stored and updated regularly. Often the information and files are stored in a database. By using CADMATIC’s eSHare and eBrowser, you’ll be able to access all this unique data in one window.

When it comes to engineering data quality, consistency and interconnectivity are very important. This company will provide various tools so you can review your 3D models and get the most out of your engineering data. Discover the possibilities and advantages of eShare now. Not only does it integrate and visualize information in a web portal, it is also available for HoloLens. With the usage of augmented reality it creates an entirely new experience.

As you can see from the browser, share function and app can make your process go a lot smoother. Because you can use the app to follow the project progress at any time simply from your phone. Are you tired of miscommunication or not being able to get access to your projects? Stop making it more difficult for yourself and go for the solution CADMATIC can provide you. If you wish to try it out first, then it is possible to arrange a free demo. Discover the magic from these tools now and make your life easier. Being an engineer is difficult enough already.