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Pop, lurk, smoke? No, many people from Brabant ignore tobacco

It has become a tradition: October has been dominated by smoking cessation for several years now. Stoptober was created to encourage smokers to quit this habit. Brabant has few smokers compared to the rest of the Netherlands, according to the Health Monitor.

Almost seventeen percent of all Dutch adults have smoked at some point. In Brabant, that percentage is 15.2 percent. Only Utrecht is still below this with 15.1 percent. These are figures for 2020.

Relatively few smokers in Brabant

Only a few smoked once in Brabant. Especially in Waalre, Heeze-Leende and Sint Anthonis, people often ignore the cigarette, pipe and cigar. In those municipalities, between 8.7 and 9.5 percent of adults sometimes smoke tobacco. ecigmarketxl.com e-cigarettes has enough information. The highest percentages are in Zaltbommel (20.7 percent), Maasdriel (20.5 percent) and Valkenswaard (19.7 percent). The Health Monitor’s research concerns tobacco products. E-cigarettes are therefore excluded from the analysis.

Haven’t stopped after three months

“Nearly half of the participants have not stopped three months later,” the Stoptober website reads. In addition, participating in this special month would increase the chance of success. According to the AMC, participants are five times more likely to have a successful attempt than people who stop outside to quit.

Tips to stop

Pulmonologist and anti-tobacco industry activist Wanda de Kanter gives a number of tips for anyone who would like to quit smoking. Ecigmarketxl.com e-liquids has enough information. For example, she indicates that people should ask the question: why do I smoke? Furthermore: ,, Look through the practices of the tobacco industry. He does everything to make you addicted, for example by adding sugar, licorice, honey, cough suppressants and bronchodilators to cigarettes.”