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Problem solving techniques,


Then, for “selling new things”, you can say “start selling new products” and “start offering new services.” Make sure that your strategy is not repeated to avoid any confusing overlaps. If all goes well, you will end up with some good-sounding solutions and strategies. To decide where to invest your energy, a priority map can help. Priority maps allow you to map ideas based on the degree of impact they will have and how much effort they need to put in, thereby helping you reduce a large number of potential ideas to a smaller list of priority solutions. Take a piece of paper or create a document and draw a vertical line and a horizontal line. Label the vertical axis as “impact” and the horizontal axis as “effort”, then list all your solutions and plot them on the chart. 


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Trade in or continue?

Is it time to buy a new car, or is it better to keep driving your current car?


You own a car, but you’re not sure if you should get another one. Because you will drive more or less, you can use a bigger car, your current car needs a major service or you just want to do something new. Trade in or drive over?


Clear: There is no clear answer to this question. There are a number of reasons to get another car, but there are just as many reasons to keep driving the car you already own. We look at three common situations and give you tips so you can make the best choice.


I want to decrease or increase the mileage


Work from home more often than before, find a new job further away from home, or maybe you’re retiring. There are countless reasons why you suddenly have less or more kilometers than before. One of the reasons may be that your own car is no longer the cheapest.


If you’ve ever driven a lot of miles, you probably now own a car that runs on diesel or LPG. You pay a pretty high road tax for that, but you get a lot cheaper when you fill up. If you drive much less, that advantage will disappear and driving a hybrid or petrol car can be beneficial. Or is even electric an option? On our website we list all fuels and their pros and cons for you.

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