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Working on the optimization of your product, service or software

As a company you probably have a product, service or software. You offer this to your customers. The customers can purchase this and are then helped with this. If you have just started a company, you are probably not working on optimizing your product, service or software. That’s a shame, because there’s a lot to gain. This way you can make everything even better and in this way you can also understand your customers better. This way you can generate even more sales and satisfied customers at the same time.

You can do this by looking at the customer journey and UX research. If you are not in sales and/or communication, these terms probably mean nothing to you, but they are nevertheless very useful for your company. Are you curious about these concepts? Then read on, because we are happy to explain it to you.

customer journey

With the customer journey you literally visualize the customer journey. You look at everything from your customer’s perspective. This way you can optimize everything and win their loyalty in the long run. Your customer journey can help you address customer needs and pain points. This is useful, because it allows you to further optimize your product, service or software. An important note about the customer journey is that it is becoming increasingly important. The customer journey is becoming more of a must than anything else, so be sure to check this out.


UX research

Then we have the UX research. This is not about your customers, but about your product, service or software itself. Here you will learn to understand how users deal with this. The goal of UX research is therefore to find out what works with your product, service or software and what does not. This way you solve problems that are in your product, service or software and you automatically make your customer journey a bit better. Often the pain points of customers in the customer journey have similarities with the things you find out in the UX research.