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Workplace Consultancy & Office Furniture

At some stage in the development of your organisation you will need external help for your office interiors. Either it be for help with an individual worksituation or meeting room, a filing and storage issue or for a complete office refurbishement. A workplace consultancy may be able to help. There are workplace consultancies that specialise in individual health and safely and ergonomics and workplace conslutancies that are more on the interior design and space planning side of the business. Some will even execute complete office fit out projects and in a very rare occasion some will do it all under one roof and very succesfully.


Ergonomic Workplace Consultancy


 An ergonomic workplace consultancy will look at the ergonomic and Health and Safety aspect of an office interior. There are 2 area’s to cover, the general environment and interior and the workstations.


General office environment


The workplace consultancy will look at the following key ingredients for a save and healthy office workplace:


    • noise levels: it makes a difference if the office is located under the flightpath of London Heathrow Airport or in a rural location in Scotland. Although the legal maximum sound nlevels that are considered to be safe to work in are the same, different insulation levels are needed;


    • temparature: talking about insulation, the same can be said here if you combine the two office locations but then in the opposite direction;


    • light: Is there sufficient natural light coming into the workplace? Or is there no natural light at all or perhaps way to strong?


    • furniture arrangements: does the office space comply to the minimum space per user and general DSE regulations? The minimum is one thing but how does the furniture perform? Is it there some sort of height adjustability of the desk and are there individual adjustments available on the task chairs?



Office Furniture


Like mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, in a very rare occasion some workplace consultancies are capable will do it all the different tasks under one roof and be very succesfull at the same time. On of such companies is Amos Beech who has a team of highly motivated and skilled people who are dedicated to making our clients spaces the very best they can be.  Every project is unique and that is how the office furniture in Scotland will be for them too.



With more and more data being stored electronically, we are seeing a dramatic reduction in the amount of space required for storage. It is however very important to use this space efficiently. Contact us to enquire about our Filing Audit service. Amos Beech can help to streamline your paper storage and avoid unnecessary file duplication.


Amos Beech has great understanding of these office furniture glasgow and will assist you in selecting the right blend of flexibility, comfort, noise attenuation and appearance to ensure these are dynamic and functional spaces that are used frequently and by everyone on your team.